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Title: Environmental assessment of small scale solar thermal electricity generation
Authors: Koltun, P.
Klymenko, V.
Soldatenko, V.
Kononchuk, S.
Teliuta, R.
Колтун, П.
Клименко, В. В.
Солдатенко, В. П.
Конончук, С. В.
Телюта, Р. В.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Environmental assessment of small scale solar thermal electricity generation [Electronic resource] / P. Koltun, V. Klymenko, V. Soldatenko [et. al.] // International Scientific Conference Energy Efficiency in Transport (EET 2020) 18th-20th November : [2021 IOP Conf. Ser. : Mater. Sci. Eng. 1021 012015]. - Kharkiv, Ukraine. - Режим доступу: (дата звернення: 12.02.2021).
Abstract: Solar thermal electricity probably has the greatest potential of any single renewable energy process and it can be economically competitive with other technologies, if environmental costs are accounted for. In spite of the many investigations conducted so far there is no one dominant technology and no single life cycle assessment study conducted to compare different STE technologies. This life cycle study has been undertaken to identify potential materials flow, energy consumption and emissions for small scale STE options. The processes are described by the typical process inputs and outputs including energy, materials, solid wastes and other emissions. The results show sufficient efficiency for Australian conditions of small scale.
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