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Title: Problem statement of modeling the congruence of social partnership participants' interests based on agency approach
Authors: Sybirtsev, V.
Сибірцев, В. В.
Keywords: social partnership
economic interests
labor market
government regulation
institutional regulation
agency approach
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Science and Education Ltd
Citation: Sybirtsev, V. Problem statement of modeling the congruence of social partnership participants' interests based on agency approach / V. Sybirtsev // News of Science and Education. – Sheffield, 2015. - № 12 (36). - P. 22-30.
Abstract: The article deals with the peculiarities of institutional regulation of social and labor relations in the country by using the multi agent approach. All members of labor market have been presented as economic agent. The interactions between such agents reveal the author's approach to modeling social partnership dynamics. The relationship between economic agents based on the principle of state, business owners, employers and workers equality participation in economic development. This principle in the article has been provided also as a base of institutional regulation of social and labor relations. The basic model of interests’ harmonization of social partnership participants is proposed in this article. The peculiarity of this model is its hierarchical representation which realized by fractal description of labor market and relationship between its members. As part of the fractal presentation of labor market the article provides differentiation of institutions of state regulation of social partnership. The article also contains the list of tools for vertical and horizontal social partnership interests’ harmonization and the division such tools within the fractal levels. The author's proposal also lay in a plane of using of different models of social partnership for building the arena of agents’ interaction and regulating their negotiations. Additionally the article highlighted the reflective aspect of social partnership participants’ interest harmonization. Exactly this reflective component determines the characteristics of the social partnership institutionalization process.
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