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Назва: The Practice of Sufficient Food Safety in the USA – the World’s Leader of Food Export
Автори: Stezhko, Nadiia
Стежко, Н. В.
Ключові слова: food safety
agro-industrial policy
agricultural and food complex
world trade
accessibility of food
Дата публікації: 2014
Бібліографічний опис: Stezhko, N. The Practice of Sufficient Food Safety in the USA – the World’s Leader of Food Export / N. Stezhko // Journal L'Association 1901 «SEPIKE». – 2014. - Ausgabe 7. – P. 146-154.
Короткий огляд (реферат): The article presents the study of the experience of sufficient food safety in the USA. It was established that the achieved success in effective food safety of the USA is the result of a complex approach to the problems of the agrarian sector during many decades. High efficiency of agricultural and food policy is provided by its consistency and continuity. The objective of the article was to ground theory, methodology, conceptual and applied principles for the formation of a stable system of food safety on the basis of effective development of agro-industrial complex of the USA. In the process of research we applied a complex approach which presupposes certain distribution of functions while studying one object of research, systematization of the results which allows disclosing peculiarities of sufficient food safety in the USA – the world’s leader of food export. The generalization of facts and relations were carried out with the help of interpretation methods such as dialectical, structural, historical and logical. The research helped to define that the USA is the biggest agricultural country in the world. It was possible to achieve it due to significant and forehanded support of agricultural producers, transition to a highly technological and innovative way of development. Following the export policy the country has no problems with food dependence on import. Conversely, the USA is the world biggest food exporter. Besides, there are considerable reserves of farmlands that are cultivated by small farmers to keep the land in good condition. The problem of economic accessibility of food for the population was also solved. The share of costs on food of the total amount of a family budget is smaller and smaller with every coming year.
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