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dc.contributor.authorПлєшков, П. Г.-
dc.contributor.authorСеребренніков, С. В.-
dc.contributor.authorПетрова, К. Г.-
dc.contributor.authorСавеленко, І. В.-
dc.contributor.authorСіріков, О. І.-
dc.contributor.authorПлешков, П. Г.-
dc.contributor.authorСеребренников, С. В.-
dc.contributor.authorПетрова, Е. Г.-
dc.contributor.authorСавеленко, И. В.-
dc.contributor.authorСириков, А. И.-
dc.contributor.authorPleshkov, P.-
dc.contributor.authorSerebrennikov, S.-
dc.contributor.authorPetrova, K.-
dc.contributor.authorSavelenko, I.-
dc.contributor.authorSirikov, O.-
dc.identifier.citationПроблеми визначення ефективності та ранжування енергоощадних заходів на об'єктах бюджетної сфери / П. Г. Плєшков, С. В. Серебренніков, К. Г. Петрова [та ін.] // Центральноукраїнський науковий вісник. Технічні науки : зб. наук. пр. - Кропивницький : ЦНТУ, 2019. - Вип. 1 (32). - С. 166-172.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractПроаналізовано енергетичні особливості об’єктів бюджетної сфери за результатами енергоаудитів, розглянуто критерії оцінювання ефективності енергоощадних заходів та їх ранжування за пріоритетністю. Проанализированы энергетические особенности объектов бюджетной сферы по результатам энергоаудитов, рассмотрены критерии оценки эффективности энергосберегающих мероприятий, их ранжирование по приоритетности. The purpose of the work is to formulate and solve the problem of determining the energy efficiency of energy-saving measures when performing energy audits and ranking them by priority. We have developed investigation of energy flows of budgetary objects by conducting energy audits and finding ways to improve their energy efficiency by implementing energy-efficient measures. Energy peculiarities of the objects of the budget sphere according to the results of energy audits are analyzed, criteria of estimation of efficiency of energy saving measures and their ranking by priority are considered. Permanent tariff increases for all types of energy stimulate the search for energy savings, which will allow consumers to reduce their energy bills. In addition, to obtain financing from the state and / or local budgets, investments from international funds for the energy modernization of budgetary objects, it is necessary to justify a complex of energy-saving measures based on the results of the energy audit and the availability of energy certificates of buildings. Energy audits shows that the customer does not always clearly understand the priority of energy efficient measures and the real level of losses due to elements of fencing structures, in engineering systems of power supply, heating, ventilation etc. This leads to irrational allocation of funds for the implementation of energy efficient measures. Only a comprehensive energy audit of the building and its engineering systems will help the customer understand the tasks. The investment budget for energy efficiency measures is always limited and, as a rule, less than the amount of investment proposals, measures should be ranked in order to choose the most effective solutions. Choosing the criteria for ranking energy-saving measures is a difficult task that cannot always be based on technical and economic calculations, so it is important to search for natural and economic criteria by which energy-saving measures should be ranked in packages. The division of energy-saving measures into small and high-cost ones depends on the financial capacity of the customer and is therefore conditional. To obtain the correct results of calculating the savings from the implementation of energy-saving measures, it is necessary to focus on the baseline of energy consumption, which it is based on the design mode of operation and the regulatory microclimate in the premises. The problem of determining the baseline level of energy consumption is an urgent one and it needs further discussion and research.uk_UA
dc.subjectоб’єкт бюджетної сфериuk_UA
dc.subjectкритерії ранжуванняuk_UA
dc.subjectобъект бюджетной сферыuk_UA
dc.subjectкритерии ранжированияuk_UA
dc.subjectenergy efficiencyuk_UA
dc.subjectenergy audituk_UA
dc.subjectbudget objectuk_UA
dc.subjectranking criteriauk_UA
dc.titleПроблеми визначення ефективності та ранжування енергоощадних заходів на об'єктах бюджетної сфериuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeПроблемы определения эффективности и ранжирования энергосберегающих мероприятий на объектах бюджетной сферыuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeProblems of Determining the Efficiency and Ranking of Energy-saving Measures at the Objects of the Budget Sphereuk_UA
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