Концептуальні основи створення технічних засобів первинної обробки зерна в умовах господарств АПК

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Котов, Б. І.
Степаненко, С. П.
Калініченко, Р. А.
Котов, Б. И.
Калиниченко, Р. А.
Kotov, B.
Stepanenko, S.
Kalinichenko, R.

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Обґрунтовано перспективу подальшого вдосконалення технічних засобів первинної обробки зерна, визначені математичні залежності повітряного фракціонування зерна. Обоснованно перспективу дальнейшего совершенствования технических средств первичной обработки зерна, определены математические зависимости воздушного фракционирования зерна. Purpose. Identification of the basic principles of increasing the efficiency of grain fractionation by air flows. Theoretical studies are based on the main provisions of theoretical mechanics, in particular, dynamics, as well as the theory of differential equations of the first and second order. A mathematical description of the motion of particles of a grain mixture in a gravitational-air separator chamber is exposed to the effect of a horizontal and vertical air flow of variable velocity. Trajectories of motion of particles with different sizes are obtained. With certain assumptions, the obtained regularities in the rate of movement of a material particle (point) from coordinates. Conclusions. Theoretical studies have established the possibility of increasing the efficiency of separating grain materials with aerodynamic characteristics, by changing the horizontal flow velocity in the direction of motion with countercurrent flow of material, and also on the basis of theoretical studies it is determined that particles of grain material can be divided into fractions by aerodynamic properties in vertical channels with lower discharge. The technology of post-harvest grain processing is currently based mainly on the use of machines and equipment designed for a centralized harvesting system, designed for short-term loading and increased productivity. Substantial wear and tear and obsolete morale, unreasonably large specific material and energy consumption of existing units cause significant losses, injuries and poor cleaning quality, high operating costs and cost figures for finished products. Therefore, the improvement of grain processing machinery and equipment under existing technology can not lead to a decrease in material, energy and production costs and an increase in the food, seed, technical quality of grain materials in the afterbirth period, as well as in storage. To meet the current requirements of the grain manufacturer and the processor, it is necessary to improve, change the technological principles of purification, fractionation, drying and operational storage.



технічні засоби, первинна обробка, зерно, повітряне фракціонування зерна, технические средства, первичная обработка, зерно, воздушное фракционирование зерна, separator, airflow, grain, variable air speed, trajectory, resistance force, fractions, vertical channel, windage coefficient


Котов, Б. І. Концептуальні основи створення технічних засобів первинної обробки зерна в умовах господарств АПК / Б. І. Котов, С. П. Степаненко, Р. А. Калініченко // Конструювання, виробництво та експлуатація сільськогосподарських машин : загальнодерж. міжвід. наук.-техн. зб. - Кропивницький : ЦНТУ, 2017. - Вип. 47, ч. 1. - С. 104-114.