Patterns of structure formation of cast iron metal matrix with vermicular graphite

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Kropivnyy, V.
Kuzyk, O.
Кропівний, В. М.
Кузик, О. В.

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The formation of ferrite sections in CIVG is due to diffusion displacement of carbon atoms. The rate of diffusion of carbon is determined by the rate of cooling of the casting in the process of eutectoid transformation and microlivium in the metal matrix Si, Mn and Cr. Significant branching of the inclusions of vermicular graphite in the volume of the eutectic colony in comparison with spherical graphite, on the one hand, and the formation in the process of crystallization near vermicular graphite of austenitic shell with high content of Si and low content of Mn and Cr, on the other, creates favorable conditions for leakage carbon diffusion during eutectic transformation by a stable mechanism. Microalloying of melt with antimony and chromium in conjunction with MICF with magnesium ligatures expands the ability to control the structure of the metal matrix CIVG in the cast state. It has been determined that the use of such micronutrients adds up to 85% to the structure's perlitization. To achieve a higher degree of perlization of the structure of the metal matrix CIVG, it is rational to use heat treatment.



cast iron, globular and vermicular graphite, formations, crystallization, thermal reaction, effect


Kropyvnyy, V. Patterns of structure formation of cast iron metal matrix with vermicular graphite / V. Kropyvnyy, O. Kuzyk // Engineering sciences : development prospects in countries of Europe at the beginning of the third millennium : collective monograph. – Stalowa Wola, 2018. – Vol. 2. – P. 138-158.