Експериментальне дослідження універсальної будівельної вібромашини широкого застосування

dc.contributor.authorЯцун, В. В.
dc.contributor.authorЯцун, В. В.
dc.contributor.authorДанілов, В. Ю.
dc.contributor.authorYatsun, V.
dc.contributor.authorYatsun, V.
dc.contributor.authorDanilov, V.
dc.description.abstractВ роботі проведені експериментальні дослідження працездатності способу збудження резонансних вібрацій пасивними автобалансирами для одномасної вібромашини з поступальним прямолінійним рухом віброплатформи. В результаті експериментальних досліджень встановлено, що у порівнянні зі звичайною інерційною вібромашиною нова машина має на 15-25% більшу продуктивність при меншому на 10-40% споживанні енергії. При цьому дебалансні маси у новому віброзбуднику менші у 4-6 разів дебалансних мас у звичайному інерційному віброзбуднику. Experimental studies of the efficiency of the method of excitation of resonant vibrations by passive autobalancers for a single-mass vibrating machine with translational rectilinear motion of the vibrating platform have been carried out. A vibrating machine with a platform size of 1000x600 mm has been designed, in which a ball balancer is used as a vibrating exciter. The vibrating machine can work in 2 two modes: the first - a vibrating sieve; the second is a vibrating table. The difference between the modes is the different amplitudes and frequencies of the working surface. According to the technical recommendations, Solidworks CAD created a 3D model of a single-mass vibrating machine with a vibrating exciter in the form of a ball autobalancer using the Cosmos Motion module. After checking the performance of the created 3D model, the optimal parameters were selected and an industrial design of the vibrating machine (an exact copy of the 3D model) was created. Before the experiments, a dynamic balancing of the shaft with the autobalancer assembly without balls in their own supports was performed. After checking the quality of balancing, the straightness of the platform was checked. Balls in the autobalancer were removed. 4 checkpoints were applied to the working surface of the platform. An electric motor with a speed of 25 Hz was started. Then with the help of the device "Beam 4" at each point simultaneously measured the value of vibration velocities. As a result of checking the straightness of the platform, it was found that the difference between the values of measurements at different points does not exceed 25%. This indicates the straightness of the movement of all points of the working surface of the platform and, accordingly, the sieve. An electric motor with a speed of 50 Hz was started. Using a vibrometer "Walcom" WM6360 were measured values of movement of the working surface of the table. Then the selection of the unbalanced mass was performed at which the oscillation range of the platform corresponded to the standard values of industrial vibrating machines. Then the platform was loaded with a load of 25 kg, 55 kg and the experiment was repeated. A series of experiments to determine the main characteristics of the developed design of the vibrating machine in the mode of vibrating table and vibrating screen. The energy efficiency of the proposed design of the vibrator was also tested. Measurements of electric energy consumption at different speeds and with different vibrators are performed. As a result of experimental studies, it was found that compared to a conventional inertial vibrating machine, the new machine has 15-25% higher productivity with 10-40% lower energy consumption. The unbalanced masses in the new vibrator are 4-6 times less than the unbalanced masses in the conventional inertial vibrator.uk_UA
dc.identifier.citationЯцун, В. В. Експериментальне дослідження універсальної будівельної вібромашини широкого застосування / В. В. Яцун, В. В. Яцун, В. Ю. Данілов // Центральноукраїнський науковий вісник. Технічні науки : зб. наук. пр. - Кропивницький : ЦНТУ, 2022. - Вип. 5(36). - Ч. 1. - С. 188-196.uk_UA
dc.subjectрезонансний віброзбудникuk_UA
dc.subjectбудівельні машиниuk_UA
dc.subjectresonant vibratoruk_UA
dc.subjectvibrating tableuk_UA
dc.subjectvibrating screenuk_UA
dc.subjectcar balanceruk_UA
dc.subjectconstruction machineryuk_UA
dc.titleЕкспериментальне дослідження універсальної будівельної вібромашини широкого застосуванняuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeExperimental Study of a Universal Construction Vibrating Machine of Wide Applicationuk_UA


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