The role of universities in forming the innovation ecosystem

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Levchenko, О.
Kuzmenko, H.
Tsarenko, I.
Левченко, О. М.
Кузьменко, Г. І.
Царенко, І. О.

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National Institute of Economic Reserch


The paper deals with the issue of innovation ecosystem. The aim of this paper is to highlight the role of universities in forming the innovation ecosystems at the current stage. For the purposes of this paper, the analysis of approaches to the definition of the concept of "innovation ecosystem" is presented. The characteristics of innovation ecosystem are described. The factors, which facilitate the innovation ecosystems are grouped by the following dimensions: resources, governance, strategy and leadership, organizational culture, human resources management, people, partners, technology and clustering. The main features of both types of ecosystem (industry-driven ecosystem and university-driven ecosystem) at different levels are analyzed. The peculiarities of the main interactions between industry-driven ecosystem and university-driven ecosystem are noted.



university, cluster, ecosystem, innovation ecosystem, industry-driven ecosystem, university-driven ecosystem


Levchenko, O. The role of universities in forming the innovation ecosystem / O. Levchenko, H. Kuzmenko, I. Tsarenko // Innovative Economics and Management. – 2018. – Vol. 5–2. – P. 10-16.